My name is Katie (“Kates”) Davidson, and I’m a copy coach, freelance writer and content creator. I can craft marketing copy for your small business—or coach you through the process! 

Prior to working with clients in the beauty, fashion, education and event-planning industries, I spent two years in New York City, where I served as’s associate entertainment editor. In this role, I wrote and published daily content, including celebrity interviews, styling and shopping roundups, fashion news and more. When I moved back to San Francisco, I began copywriting for Sephora. 

As glamorous as the gig made my resumé look, I quickly learned that I didn’t care about writing or marketing for big corporations. Instead, I wanted to serve entrepreneurs, side hustlers, big dreamers, and small-business owners. If this describes you, I’d love to meet you and learn about your company and/or passion projects. 

Additionally, I’m a proud B-school (Marie Forleo’s business school) alum. I’m a certified yoga instructor (consider hiring me to lead a wellness event!), dog lover and tree hugger. Let’s collaborate! Contact me by filling out the form below. 



Katie started her career with a leap of faith across the country to New York City, to pursue a career in journalism. While finding success at a glamorous fashion and beauty website, she found the Sex and the City-inspired lifestyle she once believed would make her happy didn’t quite fit. Instead, her soul lit up during yoga and meditation classes, sending her down an entirely different path of life-long learning that would bring her around the world to obtain her advanced teaching certification and to graduate school to obtain her masters degree.

Before she was ready to turn her passion into her path, however, she spent two years in the Big Apple, followed by a year in San Francisco, where she learned to hone her editorial skills into copywriting for SEPHORA. While the job still wasn’t the right fit, she loved sharing what she was learning with like-minded “soul-opreneurs” and empowering women to go after their dream jobs. Through working with various clients, she developed marketing, UX, and graphic and web design skills to help them achieve their business goals.

Today, Katie continues to be a “website midwife,” creating beautiful websites for clients in all different industries, copy coach, and freelance writer. Her writing has been published on,, and Teachable, while her wellness tips have appeared in POPSUGAR Fitness. A Masters of Art Yoga Studies candidate at Loyola Marymount University, she continues to be a yoga student and teacher, offering classes to youth and adults, and making mindfulness an essential part of her work (and play).